School trips in term two

Hamd House Events

Year 1 enjoyed their visit to the Stratford Butterfly Farm. This offered an excellent opportunity for the children to learn about tropical rainforests, insects and other animals. They enjoyed meeting mini beasts, entering the tropical rainforest and watching butterflies emerge from their chrysalides.

Year 2 immersed themselves in a day at Lower Drayton Farm where their learning was enriched by allowing them to explore the working life of a farm, its animals and where the food they eat comes from.

Children in Year 3 went back in time to explore Warwick Castle, which was commissioned by William the conqueror. The architecture was a great example of the few buildings that survived of medieval buildings in Warwick. The children had the opportunity to witness scenes from medieval life and were guided around the ‘Birds of Prey Enclosures’ by the Castles experienced falconers , learnt about the various birds housed there.

Year 4 & 5, both attended Wyre Forest Discovery Centre. Each year group focused on their individual Science topics. For Year 4 this was ‘Habitats’. For Year 5, the topic was based upon ‘Life Cycles’. An animal trail through the Forest was organised and Year 4 children needed to detect signs of animal life and learn how animals adapt to living in the forests; through a variety of activities. They observed a range of animal skulls and teeth to discover what type of food they ate, as well as constructing their own food chains.

The Year 5 pupils were introduced to the most important ‘inhabitants’ of the forests – the trees! They learnt how to identify a number of tree species and group them into deciduous and evergreen. Through a number of games and activities they learned what plants need to grow well and the roles of different parts of plants and trees.

Year 6 also explored animals as a part of the Science National Curriculum at the Think Tank Museum. Their classroom learning was enriched by giving them the opportunity them to explore the characteristics, habitats and fun facts about a variety of animals.

Finally, our Year 7’s attended Dudley Zoo and Castle as part of their History topic – ‘What was everyday life like for people in the middle ages?’ Children had the opportunity to explore both the medieval and Tudor parts of the castle and learnt about its history during periods when the castle was used as a residence.