Culture Week / Red Nose Day

Hamd House Events

A number of events took place in and around the school during ‘Culture Week’, in which the diversity and the differences of a range of cultures were explored. The aim was to expand the children’s understanding, knowledge and experience of different cultures while appreciating them as such.

In class, the children explored the subject of the commonwealth, its different nations and the role it plays in political affairs. We also explored the areas around where nations in the commonwealth are located.
We looked in to African culture and the children experienced different tastes by trying a range of African fruits.

Hamd House decided to get involved and raised money to help 300,000 children in Africa into school and education through the Comic Relief charity.

To do our bit and raise money we held:

  1. Bake Sale outside the school building on Wednesday 11th March 2015.
  2. A talent show and non-uniform day where children wore their cultural clothing. This also helped us with our ‘show and tell’ activity on Friday.

The best bit of Red Nose Day was, the UK Government will be matching all money raised by UK schools to help get 300,000 children in Africa into school and education.

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